Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA) accepts two new OHS students

Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA) accepts two new OHS students

Every year OHS has the opportunity to send two incoming juniors to an extensive summer education program known as the Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA). This year, Michael Menkhus (10) and Andrew Ludwig (10) will represent OHS.

MSA is a three-week long summer academy on Mizzou campus intended to give incoming juniors a college experience while also meeting and discussing with “330 of Missouri’s brightest.” Students are chosen from around the state to come and select a major and a minor for the program, live in the college dorms, and advance their education. MSA also offers various lectures, workshops, and motivational speakers to appeal to the students and inspire them.To be accepted into the program, both Menkhus and Ludwig had to undergo a series of tests, seek approval from teacher recommendations, and write essays.

“I’m very much looking forward to MSA ,” Menkhus said. “It will give me an opportunity to work with people who share interests with me.”

Menkhus, along with Ludwig, for example, (both members of the Academic Quiz Bowl Team) are eager to associate and play against the other scholars interested in quiz bowl in the annual tournament at MSA.

“It’s an opportunity to go break from the humdrum of everyday life and [spend time] with a bunch of like-minded peers and share an opportunity to better ourselves as individuals and part of a community,” Ludwig said.