The Class of 2013 chooses their senior exec

After a week of intense poster wars and cake bribery, the class of 2013 chose six people to be on next year’s senior exec.

On May 2, 12 juniors ran for five positions on the senior executive board. Each candidate tried to woo the crowd with convincing speeches. Ashley Jones, Molly Duggan, Ryan Handcock, Jake Auer, Jake Allen, Rachel Scott, Melina Delkic, Byron Neal, Laura Pichler, Dan Altmann, and Sam Nelms all ran for a position.

“It was very important to me for people to know I was campaigning and that I was serious about it,” Delkic said. “I gave many ANP’s and classes cookie cakes, letting everyone know I was running.”

Many talked about unifying the Class of ‘13 and making every decision with the help of the whole class. In the end, Rachel Scott, Melina Delkic, Sam Nelms, Bryon Neal, and Ryan Handcock won the roles of vice president, and Dan Altmann won president. Initially, there were supposed to be five roles on senior exec, but a sixth was added when there was a tie in votes.

“We have an actual committee this year, full of people willing to work hard to have a great senior year,” Atlmann said.

The new executives have great plans for the Class of 2013, leaving our upcoming seniors with a sigh of relief and confidence for a great year.