Spanish Club gives back


On Nov.12, OHS Spanish Club began “Operation Homefront”.

“Operation Homefront is a charity that provides assistance to families of soldiers and servicemembers.” Spanish Club President Melina Delkic (12) said.

The charity collects things like furniture, and other home necessities to help the families of servicemen and women.   While the families here at home are receiving help, so are our troops overseas.

Spanish Club is in charge of making care packages to send overseas to the troops.  The members of Spanish Club are accepting small donations of things like bathroom necessities, non-perishable items, and other common household items.

“We are holding this drive because it is a good way for OHS students to help out and give back,”  Delkic said.  “It also means a lot to the soldiers to know that they have families and friends back home who are still supporting the troops.”

OHS students have until Nov. 22 to bring in items for Operation Homefront.