Two sponsors are better than none

At the end of last year Ms. Erin Blasi, the key club sponsor, left Oakville. That left key club sponsorless for the upcoming year.

Throughout the summer, Key Club President Jacqui Schanzle (12) searched for a new sponsor, which was difficult considering many teachers were already involved with one of the many activities at OHS.

Schanzle wasn’t the only one worried. Many returning general members were concerned that the club would probably be disbanded if they couldn’t find a sponsor in time for school. Luckily, if worse came to worse the exec staff had a backup sponsor (Ms. Jaclyn Ori, Mehlville’s Key Club sponsor).

After a teacher meeting before school started, Mr. Jim Kreyling, the metals teacher, stepped forward and volunteered to be the new key club advisor. Mr. Kreyling is a fan of community service. He does some himself, working with his son’s boy scout troop. He heard about Key Club and thought it was a great way to get students involved in helping their community.

Key Club didn’t just gain one advisor. Another teacher stepped forward during open house and asked to help sponsor the club. Mrs. Cheryl Jungewaelter came up to the Key Club booth during Open House and asked to help co-sponsor the club with Mr. Kreyling. She had previously worked at Point Elementary where she was started a school-community partnership with the veterans. She wanted to continue helping the community here at OHS.

Originally Oakville’s Key Club was worried about having one sponsor, but they’ve started the year off with two. Key Club has lacked a steady sponsor for several years so member hope that these new sponsors will stick with the club in the upcoming years.