Spirit Week Spectacles

In the week leading up to the homecoming dance, the atmosphere around Oakville is anything but normal. This hectic week is know as “Spirit Week” at Oakville.

Each year the Leadership Classes plan out the week with a different wacky theme for each day. Then everyday during lunches the Leadership students have some sort of game to play. They also set up speakers around the commons and in the cafeteria and play music that tends to go along with that day’s theme.

This year’s themes were: Monday: Crayon Day, Tuesday: Crazy Sports Fan Day, Wednesday: Powderpuff/ USA Day, Thursday: Hillbilly Day, Friday: Black and Gold Day, and as for the homecoming theme, Party in the USA.

On Wednesday at 4pm is the annual Junior/Senior Powderpuff game here at OHS.

Powderpuff is a flag football game, with a role reversal. The Junior and Senior girls play against each other while the Junior and Senior boys cheer them on, as well as perform their own halftime show dances choreographed by OHS’s Golden Girls.

Friday the schedule is switched to 5,8,7,6, and the pep rally is held at the end of the day. During the pep rally, we hear from each sports team at OHS about how their seasons are going, and then the Junior and Senior boys perform their powderpuff dances in front of the whole school.

This is followed up by the homecoming parade after school, the Homecoming football game against Lafayette, and finally the Homecoming dance on Saturday.