Homecoming Court Announced

Homecoming Court Announced

Ten people were selected; five guys and five girls. the girls include: Jess Roderick, Abby Groves, Mariah McNabb, Angelica Carrasquillo, and Mikayla Ham. And for the boys: Matt Garavaglia, Cameron Dulle, Kyle Hearn, Dan Carter, and Kirby Phillips.

“I am excited and I appreciate the support of my classmates” said homecoming King nominee Matt Garavaglia

Of the ten selected for court, students voted once again (Sept. 23) in academic networking period (ANP). This vote will decide who the Homecoming King and Queen are.

“I think its exciting to be on court and i can’t wait to find out who will win” said homecoming Queen nominee Abby Groves.

The two winners will be announced at the dance on Friday (Sept. 27).