Party in the USA

Homecoming is quickly approaching, and this year’s theme is Party in the USA! Over the summer the entire student government met to discuss what this years theme was going to be. They had a list of ideas to choose from, and they tweeted options they thought were good to see what feedback they received.

“We tweeted options like around the world, disney, under the big top, etc. But we didn’t get the feedback we wanted, ” Abby Bergman (12) said. They came up with the idea of party in the USA.

“Party in the USA has never been done at OHS before, so it’s something new and different,” Kelly Ries said (12).

This idea received a lot of positive feedback, “I’m really excited for homecoming this year. I think the theme is fun, and easy to work with,” Alyssa Norberg (11) said. Homecoming this year is on September 27th, at OHS in gym A.