TREND brings members together

Due to their large number of new members this year, Turning Resources and Energy into New Directions (TREND) held a Welcome Picnic for all their members.

The picnic was Saturday, Sept. 7th, and was at Bee Tree Park. TREND Executive members provided hot dogs and buns, while the general members brought sides and drinks. Execs also provided supplies for games.

“I thought it was super fun,” said TREND President, Melissa Bidinger (11), adding how she believed everyone in attendance “had fun, made new friends and got along well.”

There was a competitive edge to the games. Everyone was split up into three teams, each team lead by an exec, including Vice Presidents Donald Rabin (11) and Dominic Haley (12), and they competed as a team in the games. The goal was to use the games as a team building exercise and help members get along better.

Members took the picnic as a positive experience, all of them participating in the games and overall enjoying themselves.

“It was fun,” said general member, Joe Allen (9), “I got to pour water on Donald [Rabin].”

All in all, TREND succeeded in making their members feel welcomed, but they will continue to have the door open for anyone still interested in joining.