The longer the day the better for OHS band

The OHS band has a long day ahead of them Saturday, Oct. 5. Their day is set to begin at 6:15 in the morning, their call time to be up at school. At 7:00 they will depart on their four hour bus ride.

“Bus rides with the band are always interesting to say the least,” Jacqui Schanzle (12) said. “I usually try to get some sleep on the longer trips, but that’s easier said than done.”

They are expected to arrive at Blue Springs at 11:00. Their performance time is 2:30. Awards is at 4:00. At the awards finalists are chosen. The highest scoring band from each class, along with the nine bands from class 5A and 6A with the highest scores. (OHS is in class 5A).

“We have been working really hard, especially this past week, so I hope it pays off,” said drum major, Brendan Sheehan (12). “There are going to be a lot of great bands there so we are going to have to do our best.”

If the band fails to make finals they will leave after awards and make it home by 10:00. However, if they do make it they won’t be home until 4:00.

“I am definitely not looking forward to having such a long day, but if we make finals our excitement is going to outweigh our tiredness,” Cole Schornheuser (12) said.