Senior Skip Day Fall 2013

Last Friday, November 1st, was the class of 2014’s first senior skip day. It was the day after Halloween, which was a Friday, and in the senior’s eyes made it a perfect day to skip.

There became some complications with this day after the date had already been set. The seniors soon found out that there would be a first round football playoff game here at Oakville against rival Mehlville.

Students are not allowed to participate in afterschool activities if they are not present for at least two of the four blocks. That meant that football players, cheerleaders, golden girls, and band students all had to be at school for at least two blocks if they wanted to be able to take part in the activities Friday night.

Some people slept in and went to the last two blocks, while others woke up and went to the first two, so they were able to hang out with their friends later in the afternoon.

Either way, the senior hallway wasn’t quite as crowded as usual on Friday, and it seems that the seniors enjoyed their day off with their fellow classmates!