Color me responsible

The winner for the artistic portion of the October Writing Center contest was released just a little while ago as Mariah McNabb (12).

Mrs DyAnn Menzel explained that for this portion of the contest she and Mrs Danielle Walton, along with some consulting art teachers, went through all of the entries and chose the one they thought most represented October’s character word, “Responsibility”.

“She is a really gifted artist,” Menzel said. “It was an easy decision.”

“I was surprised that I won,” McNabb exclaimed. She said that the inspiration behind her drawing was her long awaited, and finally fulfilled, dream:

“I have always wanted a puppy,” McNabb explained. She continued and said that over the summer, she actually got one. She realized that it’s a lot of responsibility to take care of a puppy, and that “you have to be prepared for that.”

McNabb has always loved drawing,when her English teacher offered extra credit to anyone who entered, she decided to try it out. She was also excited to enter because she believes that “responsibility is a really important concept” for everyone.

In the November contest, Menzel hopes to have even more art entries and also hopes that more students will be encouraged by the character words to get involved in the contest.