Writing responsibly

The winner for the writing portion of the October “Responsibility” Contest was released recently, by the Writing Center, as Benjamin Whits

Mrs. DyAnn Menzel, one of the English department co-chairs, explained that she and Mrs. Danielle Walton personally went through and narrowed down all of the entries. Menzel noted that there were many entries that were more like essays rather than creative writing pieces.

“We are looking for more poems or stories,” Menzel said. “Something creative.”

Which is exactly what Whitson provided.

“I liked his story because it showed responsibility, but not just that. It was very sincere and they were characters that people would care about and relate to. They were real.”

Whitson was very surprised that he won, as he did not originally think his story was good enough. However he is glad that “the contest proved [him] wrong”.

“To be honest I did not think too hard about what I was going to write. I have always liked a stories centered around two characters and I felt making them siblings would increase the “bond” and responsibility they had for each other.” Whitson explained.

Whitson admitted that he entered the contest because it was a requirement for his Creative Writing class. He continued and said that he liked the “idea for the contest” and would “love to enter again.” However, he was a little disappointed at the lack of students entering.

 The contests will continue to be sponsored by the Writing Center, and this November’s character word can be seen on the “Writer’s Block” website.