Rumor has it OHS will be glowing in December

All the talk isn’t just gossip! Oakville Student Council is planning a GLOW DANCE for Saturday December 14, 2013.

The dance will be from 7-10pm held in gym A on Saturday. (You may be wondering why it’s on a Saturday but it’s because every Friday night in December the gym is booked with basketball.)

Tickets will be on sale in the Claw-Mart (school store) beginning in December. Your ticket is only $10 and instead of a typical ticket you will get a T-shirt. That’s right this dance is getting better and better all you have to do is buy your $10 t-shirt wear it on Saturday December 14 and you walk right in the doors no lines no hassle!  So buy your ticket quick to ensure that you get the right size!

This dance is sure to be like no other. While TKO DJs will be playing awesome music there will also be Tekno Bubbles and black lights in the background. These are not your regular bubbles they are  Tekno Bubbles, the original patented black light bubbles. When it pops on your ‘ticket’ white t-shirt you begin to glow!

This looks to be the best dance Oakville students have seen in a while. Save the date Saturday December 14th, from 7-10pm in gym A!