OHS shoots for a new goal with SOMO

OHS Student Council (StuCo) is making a significant change this year; instead of doing the annual Polar Plunge at Creve Coeur Lake, they are mixing it up by hosting a basketball tournament in its place.

“We are making a good change this school year,” Mr. Steve King, StuCo Sponsor and head of the OHS Guidances Office, said. “We have changed the focus to volunteering our time rather than trying to nickle and dime the community.”

StuCo is encouraging students to step up and give some of their time to help others in our community though they are not participating in a schoolwide Polar Plunge.

“In the past the focus was on fundraising, which is good, but thought we would go in a different direction this year,” King said.

Even though StuCo is not doing the 2014 Polar Plunge, they have found another way to raise awareness for Special Olympics of Missouri (SOMO). They now have decided to host a Basketball tournament. StuCo will be hosting one out of four SOMO Basketball tournaments. OHS will have 36 teams participating from 15 different St. Louis Area schools. This will be a huge event with 180 participants ranging from 8-21 years old. It will be held at OHS in Gym A and Gym B. on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2014 from 10:30am -1pm.