Students elect to explore their class options

On Wednesday Jan. 29th students will have the chance to explore the many classes that OHS offers. Elective preview day serves a way to help students make decisions for their schedules next year. Students are allowed to stop by different elective rooms and talk to the teacher and get an idea what happens in that class.

“It’s kind of like open ANP because students will not be able to get a blue pass for the teacher they want to talk to,” said Christy Mathews. “Students need to have an idea where they want to go so they are not caught wandering and sent back to ANP.”

Students will travel to whatever class they want to learn about. While they are there, the teacher will make a presentation about what happens in that class. This gives students the opportunity to meet the teacher and learn about the class to determine if they want to do that class next year.

“Teachers will have a list of where they are going to be during ANP,” said counselor Steve King. “Students will be able to travel to whatever room they need to.”

As for seniors, they do not need to worry about this. Because of this the administration scheduled this day as a late start day for privilege seniors.