Speech and Debate wins first place in the Greater St. Louis Speech Association Tournament

Speech and Debate at OHS had accomplished something new this year at the Greater St. Louis Speech Association Tournament.

This is the first year that OHS has won first place in the overall tournament. OHS has participated in this tournament for eighteen years.  From October to January this year each student had participated in seven rounds, three debates and nine speech events to qualify for the GSLSA 65 annual year competition.

Coach Ed Taylor attributes the success to the team and all of the hard work that they put in. “[Our students] show a really neat…team effort.”

Ellie Sona (11) got first place in the Lincoln Debate and was also named as the congress permanent presiding officer. Adam Diehl (12) and Sean Kleffner (12) took third place in Policy Debate. Duo Interpretation was claimed by first place winners Sydney Montague (12) and Katie Kohler (12). Kleffner pleased the crowd in a Humorous Interpretation and won second place. In Oratory, Jenny Keeton (12) won fourth place and Olivia Weigl (12) placed fifth.

Emma Sona (11) was awarded the title of Permanent Presiding Officer.Weigl was first speaker and Vince Marinaro (11) was second speaker.

Kohler was honored with the title of Most Valuable Player. Shaun Lamar (9) and Tyler Bradenberg (12) were named as the Most Improved.

Speech and Debate is involved in a tournament January 31 and  February 1 at Jefferson City. Also, the team will be traveling to the State Capitol on Feb. 22 for the Congress Debate. Taylor and the team are looking forward to Nationals in June.