And then there were 19

Students who made it past auditions prepare for Feb. 15’s “Oakville’s Got Talent’ competition

On Feb. 15, 11 OHS students will show off their skills at OHS’s first “Oakville’s Got Talent” competition.

Auditions took place on Tuesday, Jan. 28 with 28 competing to make an impression on the OHS choir alumni judges that they had to impress to make the cut. There were 20 high school students and nine middle school students who participated in the auditions in the OHS choir room. Out of the 28 that auditioned, 11 OHS students and 8 middle school students made the cut.

Andrea Keller, who is in charge of the talent show, is excited for the upcoming talent show. Though she has had some challenges, Keller is trying to “make it [the talent show] a tradition and do it again next year.”

“The only challenge has been trying to communicate with the contestants,” Keller said. “It should be fun and we hope that it will be a success.”

Benny Bui (11), a student who is playing guitar in the Oakville’s Got Talent competition, is really excited about being a participant.

“I expect a lot of people [to be there],” Bui said. “I also expect a lot of clapping and a lot of talent radiating from the stage.”

The students will perform in front of a group of judges, who will then decide the winner. The winner of Oakville’s Got Talent will receive $100. There will also be a “People’s Choice” prize, in which the audience will vote for who they thought was the best act. The competition will take place on Feb. 15. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students to come and vote for their favorite act. The acts from OHS will include:

  • A’Viana Rucker and Larry Bolden

  • Jamie Meier and Caitlyn Stanford

  • Benny Bui

  • Sean Borah

  • Jake Veninga

  • Cassidy McNeal

  • Kristine Pickens

  • Jonah Thompson

  • Erin O’Neil, Delaney O’Neil, Antonia Frankovic, and Shannon McFarland

  • Olivia Vaughn

  • Alec Boeschen and Jonah Thompson