Two bands, one state

Two bands will be heading to Lindbergh High School for a state band contest Tuesday, March 4 OHS’s. The top ensemble, Wind Symphony, and the Symphonic Band will both be performing.

“All the kids [in both bands] have been working hard since October to prepare for this moment,” Director Vance Brakefield said.

This will be symphonic band’s first time at state.

State is not a typical contest, bands are playing for a rating, not to compete against other bands. The scale goes from 1 to 5 (1 being superior.)

“I think we will perform very well because we’ve been working on these songs for a long time and putting a lot of effort into preparing.” Jacqui Schanzle (12) said.

In addition to performing the songs they have prepared, there is also a sight reading portion of the contest.

“I am excited to see how good our site reading skills are,” Sophie Donjon (11) said. “It’s a difficult skill, but a good one to have.”

Symphonic band will be performing at 1:25 and Wind Symphony will follow at 2:40.

“We’re prepared so I expect our rating to reflect that,” Brakefield said.