Students confused over snow day makeup

The Mehlville School District has already had six snow days this winter, and it’s causing a lot of confusion about when our last day of school is. Superintendent, Dr. Eric Knost was able to provide some clarification on the issue.

One of the biggest concerns was whether or not seniors would have to make up snow days after graduation, which is June 1st. Luckily for seniors, the answer is no. After May 30th they will no longer be required to attend school.

There have been rumors that two of the snow days may be forgiven by the governor, but that has not actually been confirmed, even though it is true that the governor can forgive snow days if need be.

Some people wonder why our district doesn’t build in snow days, Dr. Knost replied, “We do, at the end of the year”. Basically we just add on the days that we missed, and do not feel the need to put extra days on the calendar for snow we may not get.

There comes a certain point where snow days do not have to be made up at all anymore. After a districts first six snow days they are only required to make up every other snow day up until the 14th one, after that they are not required to make them up at all. So if a district was to receive 14 snow days, they would only have to make up ten. If a district was to receive eight snow days they would only have to make up seven, and so on and so forth.

There’s a lot of talk about our district receiving even more snow days, which is completely possible because it’s only February. We may have more snow coming this way before we know it.