OHS art students get published

The OHS art program has been recognized for its students superior talents in a new book. The Art Teacher’s Survival Guide for Secondary Schools by Helen D. Hume contains many illustrations belonging to OHS students.

The pictures were submitted by former OHS Photography teacher Mrs. Joan Larson, who was one of two editors of the book. The works were done by students of hers, Mr. Tom Lutz, Mr. Brian Crawford, and Mrs. Amy Kling. These works will serve as an example for any teacher that uses the book to form their lessons.

“It is rewarding and exciting to have students with that quality of work,” said former teacher Joan Larson. “Its good to know that teachers think our lessons are that good. It kind of proves what we’re trying to do here.”

Current students include Tammy Ho (12), Ross Mohesky (11), Dory Kennon (12), Caitlin Knipp (12), Emily Jackson (12) and Ashlyn Ball (12) all taught by Larson. There was also Austin Wesolich (12) and Hannah Roedner (12) taught by Lutz. Melanie Robben (12), Barrett Litzsinger (12), and Kelly Ries (12) were all taught by Kling.