Let the games begin

The annual Mr. OHS event is springing upon everyone here very quickly.

This is a very large event and a lot of work has been put into it. All of Journalism classes at Oakville, along with both Leadership classes have been collaborating plan this event.

Every year, this is a different theme that the whole event is planned around. This year, the theme of Hunger Games was chosen.

The line up is looking very promising and everyone is expecting this to be a wonderful turnout.

Mr. OHS will include 26 senior guys who have put together a talent for everyone to see.

The participants include; Nathan Mischel representing Tiger Cage, Kirby Phillips representing football, Michael Menkhus representing quiz bowl, Cartier Robinson representing track, Robbie Obradavic representing broadcast, Nick Makowski representing soccer, Ervin Sarajlic representing basketball, Joe Keller representing swim, Matthew Fogle representing the drama troupe, Alex Pepper representing ITS, John Wagner representing FCA, Matt Garavaglia representing tennis, Joey Bartmann representing the Japanese culture club, Adam Pleimann representing ping pong, Evan Barthel representing the German club, Elvir Sarajlic representing cross country, Chad Johnson representing the accounting club, Kyle Hearn representing hockey spirit club, Cameron Dulle representing baseball, Adam Roland representing water polo, Evan Lachnit representing newspaper, Jack Garavaglia representing golden guys, Steven Luetkemeyer representing drumline, Mikal Mathews representing band, Matt Ream representing wrestling and last but not least, Hayden Trout representing leadership.

All of these men will be judged on their formal wear, talent, and will go through a questioning round. The judges, which will be three Oakville teachers along with last years winner, Mikey Bellinger, will judge the contestants on all three categories.

Not only is this a fun and entertaining event, but it also supports a great cause. All proceeds from this event will go towards Tigers Fight Back, supporting two Oakville alumni, Corey Bryant and Brett Barcewski, who have severe illnesses.

Mr. OHS will be held this Friday, April 11th, at 7 P.M in gym A. Tickets are being sold at all lunches for 5 dollars each, and they will be available at the door for 8 dollars.

Let’s the the games begin.