Up in the air with TREND

For the first week of April, students had the opportunity to fly away with Turning Resources and Energy into New Directions (TREND,) because this year they offered anxiety balloons to OHS.

The anxiety balloons are balloons with slips of paper that students filled out at lunches during April 1-4. Students anonymously wrote down either an anxiety or fear on the slips of paper, then a TREND member put the paper in a balloon. They also gave out mints to everyone who participated.

“The anxiety balloons are a way for people to release their insecurities.” Melissa Bidinger (11), President of TREND, said.

This is the second year TREND has offered the anxiety balloons. Last year, the balloons were hung up in the commons. This year, TREND plans on filling all the balloons with helium and releasing them in the air. They will take video of them releasing the balloons and share the video with the school.

“It’s a good way for TREND to interact with the student body.” Ms. Stephanie Allen, sponsor of TREND, said. She added that “We’re looking forward to releasing the balloons at the end of the month.”

For the rest of the month, TREND will be expanding on the subject of anxiety. They have different themes for each week of April. The first week was anxiety week, the second week was self-image week, the third week will be depression/suicide week, and the final week will be drug and alcohol week.