All District Strings Concert

On Wednesday May 14 the Mehlville School District Orchestra program had their all-district concert. The concert was held at Oakville High School and consisted of 4 levels of players, Beginning Elementary, Advanced Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

The concert started off by all four levels plating God Bless America. Afterwards the Beginning Elementary students played their songs. The Beginning Elementary class is comprised of students from across the district who are in their first year of playing violin.

Next the Advanced Elementary students performed. Advanced Elementary students are in at least their second year of playing and can choose to switch from violin to playing viola, cello and bass if they would like.

The Middle School orchestra was next to perform. The Middle School orchestra is made up of students in the strings program from all four district middle schools. They performed two songs before giving up the stage for the High School orchestra.

The High School orchestra is formed of students from both Mehlville and Oakville high schools. The Students performed three songs, taking a break after the second song to recognize all of the seniors and for the seniors to show their appreciation to Director Mrs. Amy Meschke. After The High School orchestra had performed their third song, all four groups came together once again to play Twinkling Stars, a song written for the Mehlville School District orchestra by STLCC Orchestra Director Mr. Gary Gackstatter.