Cooking up a storm

Three Culinary Arts Pro-Start students at OHS won the High School Cooking Competition sponsored by L’Ecole Culinaire and each student received an 18,000 dollar scholarship to attend the college. The competition started Monday, May 5 from 4pm-8pm. OHS wanted to compete and as a reward for working hard their students earned a scholarship.

Two FACS teachers,Ms. Samantha Matoushek and Mrs. Stephanie Duever, and three of their students, Chris Dlugos, Samantha DeMierre and Michael Dickens, competed in the Competition. “[Our class’s goal]…was to have fun and enjoy the experience,” said Matoushek. Their class prepared by practicing at OHS on service learning day. They prepared themselves by making a chicken dish.

OHS competed against Parkway North, Lafayette and Valley R-V1.

“I thought they would do fairly well. I was a little intimidated [by the competition],” Matoushek.

After two hours of cooking up a storm and only twenty minutes to display the food so that it would look picture perfect OHS waited to hear the results of who won. Following the results, Matoushek and Duever were amazed and close to tears.

“[When I heard that we won I] was at loss for words,” Matoushek said.

These OHS students made us proud by each student winning $18,000 to go to the L’Ecole Culinaire College.

“[I plan] on going to college [at L’Ecole Culinaire],” Samantha DeMierre said.

OHS Culinary Arts plans to go to the competition again next year considering if students will volunteer to compete in the soon to be annual competition.