OHS helps Bosnia with flood relief effort

Recent flooding in Bosnia has caused millions to be without shelter and food. Russia, the US and other countries are trying their best to donate to Bosnian citizens. Here in the Oakville community, there are drop-off stations at Blades Elementary (5140 Patterson Rd) and one at Oakville High School.

Good donations are canned foods, clothing, shoes, baby items, and hygiene products. Every and any little thing helps.

Blades and Oakville are taking donations up until May 30 and then things will be shipped to Bosnia.

The flooding in Bosnia has hit close to home for some such as Edna Besic (12). Her family is from Bosnia and her cousins are running the fundraiser. “I just wanted to do something to help my people” said Besic, “any little thing helps, we really are in need of baby items and products.”