Willett Starts New “Senior Club”

Most students at Oakville know Mr. Matthew Willett, one of the assistant principals at OHS, but he probably doesn’t know them.

Willett mostly deals with kids who get in trouble a lot or need discipline, and  because of this, many of the students who deserve attention don’t get it. Willett has decided to start a new club for his class that will meet once a month and hang out together as a group.

The club does not have a name and this year, since Williett is in charge of the seniors, will only include the seniors. He plans to make it a permanent thing and pick it up with the sophomores next year.

When asked what activities and things will be happening at the club meetings, Willett said, “Whatever the kids want.”

He even sent out a survey to all the seniors asking them what they thought would be fun to do. For the first meeting Willett is considering having pizza and then playing games like kickball out on the turf.

Senior Sarah Rauls is all for the idea, “If there is food provided, I’m all for it!”

Many seniors already know Willett from when he taught Personal Finance and Health, but this club will definitely help bring future classes closer to each other and their principal, Mr. Willett.