OHS Dresses for Success During Spirit Week

To kick off homecoming week, the OHS leadership classes brainstormed a series of creative “dress-up” days in order for students and teachers to demonstrate their school spirit and have a lot of fun in the process.

“We thought it would be a blast,” said Hannah Paule (12), a member of the leadership classes. “We split into groups, and every group picked some days. We voted as a class. we thought they were fun, and we were thinking of games we could play during lunches that could go well with them.”

These dress-up days started off with “Denim Day” on Monday, in which students and staff showed up for school in everything from overalls to blue jeans. Tuesday, students were asked to wear either all black in an OHS “blackout” or their outfits for the Powderpuff game later that day, which would pit junior and senior girls against each other in a flag football game. Naturally, hilarity and glitter ensued when the Powderpuff dancers, a few dozen upperclassmen boys, showed up in tutus and headbands.

Next was Wacky-Tacky Wednesday, for which students were encouraged to dress as crazily and unfashionably as possible, and then Time Travel Thursday, on which people picked a decade from the past and dressed accordingly. People chose outfits of all kinds, including those of greasers and jocks from the 50’s and workout gurus from the 80’s. Even a few cavemen from prehistoric times and “Doctor Who” fans appeared for the day.

To show support for the football team in their match against Seckman on Friday night, the last dress-up day was Black and Gold Day, but students involved in sports or clubs also wore their outfits for the homecoming parade that afternoon.

“I think it makes school a lot more fun,” said Abby Metz (11), “having something to look forward to everyday.”