Young Artists paint to the top

22 OHS art students have been accepted into the 2015 Young Artist showcase.

The St.Louis Artist Guild exhibit is one of the top high school shows in the area that gives talented artists a chance to have their artwork displayed and judged at a juried show.

A variety of artwork such as mixed media paintings, pencil drawings, digital photos, adobe illustrator, ink drawings, and self portraits are being presented on April 12 from 1-3 pm on Saturday.

“I am really proud of our very talented art students at OHS,” art teacher Brian Crawford said. “I truly believe we have one of the top programs in the area and it is exciting to see our students being recognized.”

Destiny Bamvakais, who was one of the 22 artists accepted, was really happy to receive appreciation for her digital photo named “Stink Bug”.

“I love photography, and so I was really excited and surprised because I took the photo on accident,” Bamvakais said.

These artist have the opportunity to win cash awards and scholarships if their work is chosen to be winner.

Congratulations to all the students that were chosen to be represented in the showcase.