Stuco hosts 2015 fun night

Student Council releases agenda for 2015-2016 school year

“Let me see your gusto!” Katie Bauman (12), student body president and head of Stuco, chanted as 100 Stuco members flooded through the cafeteria ready to show their “gusto” for the new school year.
Student Council held their first Fun Night on August 28 to plan events for this school year and held various club bonding activities. Some of the club bonding activities included karaoke, kickball, life-sized hungry hungry hippos, and personality tests based on colors.
When it comes to future events, homecoming is just around the corner and is scheduled for September 26. Stuco planned the details for the theme, “Fun in the Sun”, and their homecoming float. Later this fall, Stuco plans to host Rake n’ Run, which is an event when students travel to nearby neighborhoods and rake the yards of the elderly or otherwise incapable for free. Also, Stuco will be hosting Special Olympics once again along with introducing Oakville’s first ever Senior Citizen’s Prom.
Bauman said the new school year looks promising with all the planned future events. She received vast amounts of positive feedback and hopes that the rest of the meetings run just as smoothly as the first.
Shelby Hicks (11), an active Stuco member, states, “The meeting was very successful!” The 2015-2016 Stuco representatives pose before Fun Night.

photo courtesy of Katie Bauman
The 2015-2016 Stuco representatives pose before Fun Night