DECA reopens school store

In October, the OHS school store is planning to reopen and be even better than years before.

For the first time ever, business teacher Mrs. Kasper is stepping up to help run the new and improved school store. Kasper said last year only two students were able to help run the school store and teachers ended up having to run it. This year, however, more DECA students should be able to run the store.

For the past two years, DECA leader, Mrs. Shuey, ran the store, but since she left OHS, a new teacher had to step up and take on Shuey’s role. Since this is Kasper’s first year in charge of DECA and the school store, she will learn what works and what does not for the years to come.

The school store will be open during ANP for seniors with privileges and the last B-day lunch of the week.

Kasper said, “I want to add more variety to the products that we sell this year.”

Some of these items that will be sold are chips, ice cream, nutri grain bars, and water bottles. The water bottles will be sold for only 50 cents this year.