Community teaches leadership to B positive

Leadership class supported by community at blood drive

The OHS leadership class turned to the community for their semiannual blood drive and experienced optimistic results.

Mr. Terry Deters, a Donor Resource Consultant from Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, teamed up with OHS leadership classes to work the biannual blood drive at OHS. The class reached out to bring in the community on Oct. 12, where anyone in Oakville could come and donate.

“Their [leadership students] job is to go out in the community, whether it’s their parents or family and friends and get them to make an appointment for the blood drive,” Deters said.

Leadership students were encouraged to get three to five people to make an appointment for the blood drive. Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center had a desire of getting at least fifty people to donate to the OHS blood drive.

“If we get our goal… the school actually gets a grant from Mississippi Valley.” Deters told.

People from the community came out and donated. OHS hopes to have reached their goal of fifty people which is twenty units of blood.

“It’s such an easy way to help someone,”  explained Ms. Patricia Cowan, donor.

Check back at myOHSonline later this week for a follow-up regarding the results.