Junior Ring t-shirts being sold officially

For the first time in a long time, OHS is sponsoring the sale of Junior Ring Dance t-shirts. “We’ve sold them in the past, just not in the last few years. It’s up to the class. If the class execs want to do it, we do it,” said administrative staffer Ms. Dena Werner.

Last year, when the class execs decided to not sell t-shirts, Kassidy Ham (12) took over the task herself.

“When we weren’t offered one by the school last year, I stepped up and sold them,” said Ham. “I’m glad that they’re selling them through the school this year so that everyone has a chance to get one.”

So far sales have been very successful. They have sold 51 shirts and will continue to sell them through Dec. 16.

“This year [the shirts] don’t really follow the theme, they’re just about the ring dance,” said Werner.

T-shirts are available for purchase in the main office at Mrs. Werner’s desk for 15 dollars for each short sleeve and 20 dollars for each long sleeve shirt. The Junior Ring Dance, with a theme centered around The Great Gatsby, will be on Jan. 14 at Andre’s West from 6:30-9:30. Tickets are on sale for 20 dollars until Jan. 8.