Elective Preview Day

The school year is getting closer and closer to the end; with that being said, students have to sign up for classes that they want to take next school year. The window to create schedules online starts on Feb. 27 and ends on March 1. Elective Preview Day can help you decide what classes you want for you future classes.

Elective preview day is time in ANP where students can ask questions and get information about classes they have interest in or are just curious about. Students are able to talk to teachers about what they do in the class, the expectations, amount of homework for the class, and the type of work assigned on a daily basis. All of this information can help students make decisions about their future schedules.

Elective Preview Day does not only help students, but teachers as well. Teachers are able to advertise their classes that their department offers. Elective Preview Days plays a big role in new classes. New classes being offered get recognition and advertised to student on this day, without Elective Preview Day teachers would have a tough time getting the word out of new classes.

This year students are entering their new schedules through SIS, they pick their based on what their teachers department is. In previous years students would go the library and as a class pick all their classes for the next school year. This allows students to make their schedule in class according to the subject they are in. The subject teacher and ANP teachers can give them recommendations and possibilities for next year.

“This allows all core teachers to make course recommendations to their students and verify the appropriate course is entered into the system,” Guidance Counselor Chris Ventimiglia said.

This year making schedules is being pushed back until later of the year because of the amount of new programs that are being offered next school year and because of redistricting.

“Early college, STL CAPS, and dual enrollment programs are expanding due to the district’s innovation initiatives. It was important to take some time to develop and promote these programs before offering them as options for our students,” Ventimiglia said.