Latreille, Martino declared royalty at homecoming dance


John Wolff

With fellow court members Abbi Baker (12), Queen Sophia Martino (12), and Brad Hartmann (12), JP Latreille (12) waves at the crowd after being crowned.

The biggest stars were the homecoming court. Elegantly poised in black sashes, the court gathered on stage for coronation at 9 p.m. It was made up of the boys: Jordan Jost, Brad Hartmann, Jake Lamons, JP Latreille, and girls: Kelly O’Leary, Sophia Martino, Emily Sander, Haley Metz, and Abbie Baker. After patiently waiting, the results were finally announced. Sophia Martino won homecoming queen, and JP Latreille was crowned king.

“To win queen meant a lot to me; I felt an indescribable feeling,” Martino said. “All the support has been overwhelming.”

Latreille was shocked by the results. “I was so surprised when they announced my name on the stage,” Latreille said. “People kept telling me that I was gonna win, and that they were hoping I was gonna win, but I didn’t really want to get my hopes up.”

With the intense cheers for the king and queen as well as hours of dancing and music, this homecoming definitely deserved an Oscar.