Graduation faces scheduling conflict


Tiger Paw Yearbook

The Class of 2017 graduates at the Family Arena.

OHS has chosen St. Charles Family Arena as the graduation venue since 2004. But like many things this year, even graduation experienced a change.

This year the class of 2018 graduates will be switching their graduation date from a Sunday to Thursday, May 31.

“We wanted to keep it on Sunday, but we got bumped,” OHS senior principal Mr. Ross Bullington said.

It came down to two different dates that were offered from Family Arena after being bumped. It was between Thursday, May 31 and Monday, June 11. Administration thought May 31 would be the best decision.

“This is a great class and I wish there was something we could have done that would have prevented Family Arena from switching stuff around,” Bullington said.” We would’ve much rather have not had it moved. But it is their business and we had to abide with what they were doing.”

Graduation is also going to look different for the class of 2019 graduates. Due to this year’s mix up, OHS plans to host graduation at the Chaifetz Arena next year on Sunday, June 2.