Free breakfast and lunch at OHS helps students with their stressful year


Avery Neal

Mrs. Dianna Bowcock gets ready to hand out breakfast snacks to students. Students get free breakfast and lunch everyday this school year.

With a worldwide pandemic going on, students are mentally and emotionally exhausted. Some students struggle with online learning, restrictions on sports, quarantine, etc. With so much commotion going on around the world, a free breakfast and lunch with a smile might make your day!

This is the first year that the Mehlville School District is providing free breakfast and lunch every day.  On Tuesday through Friday, OHS offers free breakfast for students in the building from 6:55 am through 7:15 am, and lunch for students in the building from 11 am through 12:30 pm.

There is also a curbside distribution for breakfast and lunch for any student and their families who live in the Mehlville School District. Curbside pickup is available Mondays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, and 9 am to 9:45 am on Tuesday through Friday. 

OHS cafeteria manager Ms. Robin Lacefield says, “We now also offer a Next Day shelf of food during each lunch period that is available for students at each register.  This gives students a chance to grab breakfast and lunch for when they won’t be in the building and are unable to come to OHS for curbside pick up.”

 Meals are free this year because of a waiver offered by the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure students get a healthy meal despite the challenges posed from the current pandemic.

Mrs. Dianna Bowcock has played a big role in this new offering. She has been a lunch lady at OHS for almost 13 years. Bowcock is one of many cafeteria workers that makes it all happen. Some might say that she is the best part about getting breakfast in the morning. 

Oscar Kniepkamp (10) says, “She’s nice, and she’s always very kind when I see her.” 

Bowcock is up on the second floor, not far from the library every morning. She greets all of her students and enjoys what she does, handing out breakfast snacks, cereal, and  juices from her cart. Bowcock says, “For me, it’s a joy to be with you guys. I love my kids.” 

Despite the smile on her face each morning, she wishes students would be more responsive when she greets them every morning. Bowcock states, “I would like it if they would engage more. No “good morning!” back. I try to engage with all of my students, but sometimes it’s difficult. I’m here for them.” 

 “I try and treat people the way that I would like to be treated,” says Bowcock, “I may not remember all of your names, but I remember your faces. It’s always good to be here with you guys.”  

If you’re having a bad morning, go to the second floor for breakfast and Bowcock will surely put a smile on your face.