OHS Quiz Bowl goes undefeated in districts


photo courtesy of Ms. Kristin Pierce

Mitch Aschenbrenner (11), Hannah Franke (12), and Katie Seithel (12) proudly present their medals from their district wins.

OHS Quiz Bowl took home a Class 6, District 1 championship title in its first in-person competition of the year at OHS on April 19. The team went undefeated and came out triumphant. 

“They’re all so dedicated and really strong players,” said captain Hannah Franke (12). “Honestly, I’m so proud of them.”

This intellectual group of students started off the day by tearing through Webster Groves High School in prelims. They next beat Poplar Bluff and then Northwest to move onto semifinals. 

In the semifinals OHS faced Poplar Bluff yet again, defeating them once more to head to the final game. The team went head to head with Jackson in the finals and ended the day victorious, beating Jackson 270-220. 

“I believe the team did well due to us being able to play well together and having a well rounded group of people playing,” explained Mitch Aschenbrenner (11). “Everyone was well versed in their own subjects, and that diverse set of knowledge helped us do well.” 

Franke, Katie Seithel (12), and Aschenbrenner all ended the day by being recognized for the All State team for the number of toss up questions that they answered correctly. 

This is Franke’s second recognition in her Quiz Bowl career. 

“I was so excited to get an individual award! It’s definitely a great note to start wrapping up my senior season,” said Franke. 

Franke took pleasure in her teammate’s performance just as much as her own.

“It has been so awesome to watch my teammates grow and succeed, and I know I can count on them to have my back,” she said. “This victory was the definition of a team effort.” 

Due to the entire team’s outstanding performance, OHS will continue on to Sectionals where they will face the District 2 winners. Sectionals will be hosted by OHS on  April 27, at 5 pm.