Spanish Honors Society hosts shoe drive for Soles4Souls nonprofit


Leyla Vilic

There was a total of 127 shoes donated for Soles4Souls shoe drive.

As winter slowly drags forward, everyone should have a good pair of shoes to keep them warm, but some can’t afford it. One particular society at OHS took it upon themselves to help out those in need by sponsoring a shoe drive.

The National Spanish Honors Society hosted a shoe drive from Jan. 4 to Jan. 21. The shoes collected will be donated to struggling families and individuals to help support developing countries around the world. Members were required to donate at least one pair of shoes, but many brought in more than one. 

“The drive was a really good idea because we donated a ton of shoes,” Rachel Granda (11) said. “It was a fun experience, and it was good for us to work together on a community service project. It was also our first project for the year, and it went really well.”

The Soles4Souls nonprofit organization looks to receive used shoes that are still in good shape and will provide comfort to people in need. Most shoes donated were tennis shoes, as they are the most commonly replaced shoes among teenagers. 

“I really liked [the drive] because it’s an easy project, plus you’re helping people,” Tammy Du (11) said. “Everyone could be included because everyone has old shoes. We were supposed to donate close-toed shoes, so I donated my old sneakers and running shoes, and my parents also donated theirs. It felt nice to give them away to someone who needs them, rather than throwing them away or giving them to Goodwill.”

With only members of NSHS participating in the drive, there were about 127 pairs of shoes donated in total. Students who donated 10 or more pairs of shoes put their name on a slip of paper that will be tossed in a hat, and Meghan King, the society coordinator, will pull a name and the student will receive a $20 gift card. 

“I think it was a total success,” King said. “Lots of people participated, and we collected over 120 shoes that are going to go to families in Hispanic communities and all over to people who don’t have shoes. A necessity that we take for granted every day, we were able to provide to other families.”