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New Starbucks opens in Oakville

After months of construction, a drive-through-only Starbucks on Telegraph and Tanzberger is open for business as of Aug. 30. 

“I did go (to Starbucks) pretty often, but sometimes [when] I wanted it, I wouldn’t go because it was very far and I was too lazy to go drive,” Britney Du (12) said. 

Many students and teachers alike are pleased with the addition of a close and convenient Starbucks.

“When I heard that there was a Starbucks, I was really excited obviously because I love Starbucks and—I don’t know—I was really excited to get coffee before work,” history teacher Linsey Stanley said. 


However, 29.5 percent of students and staff surveyed ranked their excitement about the Starbucks on Telegraph a one out of 5. This could be attributed to the largely shared concern that a Starbucks on Telegraph will create more traffic on the already busy road.

“It’s very hard to turn left out of there—or right—because there is a lot of traffic on Telegraph,” Du said. 

Contrary to that concern, 89 percent of survey participants said they had not experienced any extra traffic in the morning.

The consensus regarding the speed of service has also varied: Du was able to get in and out quickly, but Stanley has not always had this experience.

“I got there at, I think, 6:10 or 6:15—something like that—and I was third in line, so I was like, “oh perfect, this isn’t going to take any time at all,’ and then it took 25 minutes because the person…at the front of the drive-through ordered so many items,” Stanley said.

Stanley has ideas for improvement, though.

“I think they should add the walk-up, and that could potentially reduce wait time,” Stanley said.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, but both Stanley and Du have overall positive opinions about this new addition to the Oakville community. Much like them, over half of surveyed OHS students and staff ranked their experience at this Starbucks a three, four or five.  

“I like that it’s quick and easy and universal,” Spanish teacher Melissa Bradford said. “If I tell a group of people I am going to Starbucks and offer to pick things up, most people have an order ready in their heads.”

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