Lost in Neverland: Immaturity at it’s finest

When I walk through the OHS halls I find it hard to believe I’m walking through a high school. It feels more like I’ve wandered past a sea of childish remarks, dirty looks, and rumors and into Peter Pan’s “Neverland”. It feels as though everyone’s mind has been frozen since the second grade and cannot seem to grow up. Immaturity is my generation’s greatest downfall.

At some point everyone has had a childish fit, but when does a fit become a habit? When does a habit stunt personal growth? When do you leave ‘Neverland’ and enter the real world? Excuse after excuse, I fear no one will ever grow up.

Not only do we not take responsibility for our actions, we can’t even admit when we don’t like someone. Instead of saying what we really think we choose to be fake. Instead of facing our problems, we run away or choose the blade. Instead of being mature, we cough insults as we walk to our classes. Everyone plays the victim. We spread rumors out of boredom; we try to strip others down to make them vulnerable. We do not deserve the title: teenager.

However not only are we socially immature, we bathe in immaturity when it comes to our academics. Blaming grades on teachers, missing due dates, claiming you just don’t care – this is immaturity at it’s finest. It’s one thing to truly struggle, but it’s another when you are perfectly able to flourish academically and refuse to do anything because you “don’t feel like it”. People act as though that is a good reason to fail a class. These tend to be the same people who get upset and blame the teacher for their inability to pass a test when they were the ones who didn’t study.

Time and time again I have heard others complain how people have changed. But that’s what is supposed to happen. You are supposed to change. You are supposed to grow up and mature. While few have accepted this change, the majority has refused it and has chosen to dwell in yesteryear and bask in their immaturity.

Considering the fact that the four years of high school go by very fast, and many of us are getting ready to graduate, it might be time to grow up and take responsibility for every action and every word. It’s time to face your problems, or lose a grudge. It’s time we start acting like we’re about to graduate high school instead of kindergarten. It’s time we “fly” back to the real world and become mature. You can’t stay “lost” forever.