Sleeping Students

Lack of sleep causes students distress in school

Lately around OHS, it seems students are not getting any sleep. School and its activities and responsibilities is the main cause for the lack of sleep at OHS.

Every kid in school has homework and class projects. For most, especially ones who take higher level classes, homework can take well over an hour. But there is more to school than homework.

“With Students On The Go, I don’t get home until four,” Rachel Lile (10) said, “After a shower, homework, and dinner, I get way under eight hours of sleep.”

Sports and clubs consume lots of time. Most sports practice everyday after school and clubs have events during the week, sometimes on the weekends.

Add all the school responsibilities to a kids normal duties; showers, dinner, family time, church, friend time, and any other activities all in one night and you have one thing: sleep deprivation.

Discussions about fixing school’s start and end time have been had many times, but no matter what the solution is, the problem is clear. If you are falling asleep in class, on the bus, or standing up, you are not getting a good amount of sleep and school is the reason why.