Leadership gets creative with new spirit days

Spirit Week at OHS is always an exciting time, but in recent months student complaints about originality have grown.

Normally a spirit week includes something along the lines of USA day, beach day, pajama day, and other classics. The week of April 25-29 has instead brought new ideas. Monday was Parent’s Closet, and students dressed like their parents. On Tuesday students faked an injury. Wednesday was Dress Fancy day and Thursday was Safari Day. Friday closed the week with Mr. OHS or Beach Day.

“We heard a lot of people say [spirit week] is boring and the ideas are too unoriginal so we changed it up a bit,” Kelli Jungewaelter (12) said.

While Parent’s Closet, Fake an injury, and Safari Day were new ideas, Dress Up and Beach/Mr. OHS days have been done at OHS many times before.

“Obviously not everyone is going to do the different days,” Abby Metz (12) said, “So we kept older days on Wednesday and Friday to keep participation.”

Student response to the new days have been mostly positive.

“I like that it’s different because other days [this year] were overused,” Quinn Toennies (9) said.

“I like this week’s Spirit days more than others in the past,” Gabby Wilson (12) said. “I think [Leadership] could do better advertising the week before it happens because a lot of people still don’t realize it is happening.”

Leadership students believe that having more time to plan and making more announcements will spread the word. They also hope that their fresh new ideas will carry over in years to come so Spirit Week can always remain fun for everyone.