Oakville High School needs to provide crosswalk, speed limit to ensure student safety


Leyla Vilic

Parents park outside of Oakville High School to await students.

Oakville High School provides a secure school environment for students, but school drop-off and pick-up needs to be made safer. 

Students crossing Milburn Road after school in order to either walk home or get to their parent’s car are constantly under the danger of getting injured by a passing car. With no school speed limit posted to notify drivers of the school zone, students are put at risk. 

The Code of Ordinance for Saint Louis County states, “The Director of the Department of Highways and Traffic (“Director”) is authorized to establish special speed limits for school zones, and to set the times when such special speed limits shall be in effect.”

The Municode Library also says that special speed limits for school zones should be no less than 25 mph and no more than 10 mph below the speed limit already established. 

Along with no posted school zone speed limit, there is no crosswalk to ensure safer street crossing. Students are in a hurry to get to their parent’s car or to walk home, which might cause them to rush through ensuring safe street crossing. 

Though this may not be a pressing concern because there have been no recent injuries or accidents, it does not mean there is not the possibility of it. Students shouldn’t have their safety be at risk when there is a chance to establish proper guidelines to guarantee safe crossing. 

OHS should approach the Director of Highways and Traffic to state that the school needs to have a special school zone speed limit for student and driver safety. If possible, a crosswalk should be added anywhere between the entrance and exit of the school. Signs should be posted that alert passing vehicles that the school zone, when in required intervals, has a lower posted speed limit. Schools are in charge of student safety, even if it’s after school traffic.