Freshman basketball brings home a championship


The fourth quarter of the freshmen boys game against McCluer North featured 22 free throws total, 13 were made. As the score got closer, both McCluer and OHS began fouling in attempts to prevent shots in what was a thrilling, close game.

OHS won the Oakville Freshmen Tournament for the first time, winning 50-49 in the last 20 seconds of the game. Dominic Riggio and Maurice Jackson led the OHS offense. Riggio scored 14 points, while Jackson had 12. Combined they made seven out of 12 free throws in the fourth quarter.

“Intriguing,” was how Coach Marlon Pepper deemed the championship game. “It was a good game. No one team dominated.”

OHS beat Lindbergh and Lutheran South to get to the championship. With the win over McCluer North the OHS boys freshmen team is 12-1.

The first half was defined by crisp, clean passes from the OHS offense but a lagging effort by the players when it came to getting back on defense after turnovers. OHS kept the score close with breakaway layups and shots under the basket. At halftime, McCluer North led 23-19.

“We got a victory; I’m happy,” Coach Pepper continued, hoisting the plaque. “This is the first time Oakville has won the [Oakville] freshmen tournament.”

The championship win was a team effort. OHS did not have a lead until less than four minutes left in the third quarter. Noah Baker fouled out with less than four minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Riggio took two charges in what was a physical game.

Overall the OHS boys freshmen team is 12-1. Their next game is today, Jan. 24, at 4:15 against Marquette.