Field hockey adapts to playing on home turf for first time


Emily Merritt

Emma Rose Seger (11) defends the ball before it gets to the goal.

At the beginning of the fall sports season, field hockey finally got to feel at home.

After years of playing on the Oakville Middle School field, field hockey finally got the opportunity to practice and play on the stadium turf at OHS. Despite the excitement, there has been a struggle with adapting to the field. 

“It was extremely difficult trying to transition from the middle school field to turf,” said defender Katie Leeker (11). “I think we all had gotten used to the slow paced games at the middle school so when we moved to the high school, it was a difficult but quick transition. I think it showed at the first game as well.”

If we play the way we are capable of, we will be able to go farther than we did last year.

— Jenna Frisella

The team’s first home game, played Sept. 3 against Rockwood Summit, was a difficult 4-0 loss but also a learning experience.

“It gave us a good intro to what we could expect,” said goalie Sam Gindler (12). “I also think we were all just flustered and excited because it was our first game on home turf, but it helped us better prepare for future turf games.” 

In spite of the first game loss, senior captain Jenna Frisella is hopeful for state this year.

“We barely made it to the first game last year,” said Frisella, who is second on the team in scoring with three goals, three assists for nine points. “ If we play the way we are capable of, we will be able to go farther than we did last year.”

Their current record is 4-4, the next game is Thursday Oct. 3 at 5:30 against Parkway West.