First in Fourteen

OHS gets male cheerleader on team after 14 years


Maddy Geisler

Drew Murphy (11) hypes up the cheer team at the Homecoming football game Sept. 30. “…The hype circles like we see on the intro, me dancing with them and doing everything like that, I think that really gets them elevated and just excited to be out there and do what they love,” Murphy said. The team cheers at a soccer or football game every Friday.

The 2023 school year brought multiple changes for the cheer team, one of which was Drew Murphy, the only male cheerleader the OHS team has had since 2008. 

“I’m always here to hype up people,” Murphy said. “That’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Having been on the field for football freshman year, Murphy is no stranger to the cheering crowds. 

“I just think if they’re (the crowd) quiet, then I’m not doing enough,” Murphy said. “That’s really what keeps me motivated—just be loud and make sure everybody is having a good time.” 

One way the cheer team entertains crowds at the soccer and football games is through stunting. 

“There’s stunts with multiple people, but I’m putting one person up in the air just by myself,” Murphy said. “Those girls are amazing. They do great things with the stunt stuff, and I think it’s awesome.”

Despite enjoying his current cheerleading situation, Murphy also has further plans for the sport that keep him motivated. 

“I just keep going, just keep thinking this is what you wanna do and go with it,” Murphy said. “I’m trying to go to college for it, and that’s something I’m excited about.”

Committing to the idea of cheer in college was not without thought, but also not without support. 

“Those girls (the cheer team), they’re so supportive and they’re so nice to everybody,” Murphy said. “They just brought me in as a part of their family as soon as I got there and I loved it ever since.”