Haley Boeschen – Reporter

Haley Boeschen - Reporter

Class of 2012

Bio: Hi, im Haley. I enjoy working on the Prowl staff. Its my second year in journalism and I really enjoy it.  My other school activities include Junior Exect and Art club.   Art is one of my hobbies that i’ve been doing for years. Along with writing, painting would be one of my favorite skills.  Another one of my favorite things is music! Without music i don’t know what i would do. From Vampire Weekend to 311 my favorites vary. Except i cant stand country, anything but country is good. Some people might say that i have a very different taste in music and they’re definitely right. I pay mostly attention to music lyrics and meanings and of course the tempo to find my favorite song.  My best friend would have to be my little brother, Alec. He is 13 and is in 7th grade. I tell this kid everything! I love him more than anything in the world and if you’ve ever met both of us, you would agree that we are so alike.

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