Erika Dicandia – Reporter

Erika Dicandia - Reporter

Class of 2011

Bio: WHATSS UPPP! My name is Erika Dicandia and I am a senior at OHS. I like to write and am pretty good at poetry. Also music keeps me sane in high school. I am very excited to be on the Prowl staff this year. My goal for this year is to have my style of writing on the paper. I hope people enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. In my spare time I work two jobs at Auto Spa and Pasta House. I have been in the OHS choir program for 3 years as well. Our choir is nationally ranked and wins a lot of awards, which is always a plus. My 3 best friends are Lisa Ressel, Cecily Frederick, and Alexis Brancato. I have no idea what I would without those girls. They make my life interesting. Im very drama free, drama is annoying and I stay away from it. My favorite rapper is Eminem and I hope to marry him someday. Well that’s all I gotta say besides, READ THE NEWSPAPER.     :]

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