Jamie Powers – Reporter


Class of 2012

Bio: My name is Jamie Michelle Powers (aka JPow), and I am small. I competitively dance and I love it. I tap dance when I get nervous or excited. I love the color blue, and I do not like tomatoes. I kinda sorta day dream….a lot. I like weird music and dressing up. Scarves are comfy. I dye my hair on an average of four times a year. My best friends and I can finish each others sentences, and we literally do not make sense. When I tell stories I get really into them, and I use hand gestures with every word.  I have more guy friends than girl, but that isn’t intentional. I love romance movies. Sometimes I forget I am only 5’0” and I try to intimidate people…. It doesn’t work. I like making new friends so, if you’re reading this, and we are not friends already… let’s be friends!