OHS Switches Things Up on Half Days

OHS recently had another half day for students, but this one was different from all the rest.

OHS’ early release on Jan. 29 had a different schedule from other half days this year. In the past, lunches were during the 7th block at the end of the half day. This most recent half day, however, students ate during 7th block, which is now the second class of the day. So, instead of attending blocks 5, 8, 7, it’s now 5, 7, 8.

There were a couple reasons why this schedule changed. 

“There were some concerns about supervision and COE kids since they are supposed to be gone 8th block,” said Mr. Brian Brennan, assistant principal. “We questioned how difficult it would be to run a regular schedule. We would have to shift away from normal lunches, or write a whole new schedule for 8th block lunch. We wanted to keep some consistency with the lunches since we have to serve a meal.”

Mehlville High School has been running the new schedule, which may help with keeping consistency between the schedule, cafeteria staff, teaching staff, and students.

“We looked at the positives about the impact and we believed that it would be better in the long run for everybody involved if we changed the schedule,” said Brennan.

Some students have negative opinions on the new half day changes. 

“I personally do not like the schedule change,” said Elma Sumic (12). “I have foods on the 8th block and with it being a half day, the class is already shortened, and if we do not finish cooking in time, we now have to stay after school to clean up. When it was 5, 8, 7, I could be a little late to the 7th block rather than staying after school.”

Vicky Riordan (11) also shared her opinion. “I don’t like the new half day schedule change because the lunches are really early and I do not like eating lunch that early,” she said.

Whether students like the change or not, it’s what they will see for a while. 

“This is the schedule that we are going to run with for the rest of the year,” Brennan said.